About us

Alma Libre is a small, family operated kennel located in southern Greece.

Our primary goal is to breed healthy, well-balanced puppies of good temperament as close as possible to the standard of the breed. Alma Libre puppies are born and raised in our home where they play an active role in our daily lives. They travel everywhere with us and we are carefull to socialize them from a very young age exposing them to various sights, sounds and smells.

All our Jack and Parson Russell Terriers are tested for hereditary diseases of the eyes also (Primary Lens Luxation), knees(Patellar Luxation), hearing(BAER Test), ataxia(Late Onset Ataxia and Spinocerebellar Ataxia), DM(Degenerative Myelopathy), JBD(Juvenile Brain Disease) and (D-Locus).

All our English Cocker Spaniels are tested for hereditary diseases of the eyes, knees(Patellar Luxation), hips(Hip Dysplasia), FN(Familiar Nephropathy), PRA(Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and AON(Adult Onset Neuropathy).

Also, all our breeding dogs are tested for Brucella Canis and Mycoplasma.

Puppies leave our home at 4-4,5 months of age, fully vaccinated, de-wormed, BAER tested (JRT & PRT), eyes tested, orthopedic tested and DNA tested clear by parentage with passport, pedigree and microchip and with-out docked tails! All our puppies are given with a contract and sterilized.

All our puppies are evaluated at eight weeks of age to determine which are pet and which are show/breeding quality dogs. We often times will keep one or two puppies from a litter for our future breeding plans. Great care is given to assure that our puppies will go to appropriate loving homes. Show/breeding quality puppies will only go to approved show and competition homes. Pet quality puppies are given already spayed or neutered by us or will be done so by the new owner at the appropriate age as is agreed to in the contract. When spayed or neutered by the new owner we make every effort to be present at the day of the Vet apppointment. When this is not possible, pictures of the procedure as well as a signed statement from the Veterinarian are necessary.

Every effort is made to educate the new owners when necessary about the breed and to ensure they enjoy the new edition to their family. We keep frequent contact with all new owners of our dogs and take great pleasure in seeing that the puppies we give are growing and living well in their new homes.

In the event that for some unforseen reason the new owners can not keep the puppy, we will gladly take the puppy back and attempt to find it a new loving home or it will stay with us in our home.

All dogs must be picked up in person. It may be available for us to personally deliver the dog at the new owner's expense. We do not ship our dogs !!! Third party adoptions are not allowed and the person with whom the dog will live must be the one making the inquiry.

Thank you for visiting Alma Libre!! We hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do!!

Lina Petsiti & Ilias Sofronas